Chips 450 Planer

The CHIPS 450 planer, a cutting-edge and ecological machine, is used to turn waste wood into chips that can be used fo many applications.

Produced entirely in Italy by MBM, the CHIPS 450 planer is equipped with two planer shafts with a cutting width of 450 mm and a wood loading hopper measuring 950×450 mm.

It is a robust machine for the production of chips (about 1 m3/hour based on the type of wood and the size of the logs), thanks to the alternating movement of the wood container and the two planer shafts with 125 mm diameter of 4 cutting edges, equipped with 35x3x450 mm traditional HSS knives.

Alternatively MBM can provide CHIPS 450 with MBM Spiral planer shaft with hard metal plates 15x15x2.5 mm.

These solutions are a special feature of MBM, renowned planer shaft manufacturer. The machine is equipped with 1 x 5.5 kW selfbraking motor and can be installed at any user with a network voltage of at least 7 kW.

The machine is EC-regulation, it has a simple, elegant line that conveys its Italian design.


Width: 760 mm

Length: 2650 mm

Height: 1520 mm

Weight: 600 kg